Hats off!!!

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Or Hats ON as the case may be! 

Hats off to one of Pink Ribbon Puppies' biggest fans and supporters-- Margaret Wilson!!  In October of 2013, shortly after the release of the 2014 Pink Ribbon Puppies calendars, Margaret approached Pink Ribbon Puppies with an idea for raising more money for the charity.  For several years, Labrador fanciers have known about Margaret's exclusive design winter caps featuring puppy silhouettes with wagging tails along the brim, as they are often hot items at silent auctions at specialty shows.  Margaret offered to hand-knit her cap with various pink yarns and donate them to us!!  Dozens of skeins of yarn and three months (and surely a couple sore fingers) later, she has donated over 50 caps in infant, toddler, youth, and adult sizes as well as a handful of requested brim-only headbands.  Each hat is made by hand on knitting needles and the puppies are all different colors, making each truly a one-of-a-kind item.  Margaret has been busy knitting away this winter break, and she has been building back up some inventory.  Check out our Hats section for ordering and price information!


Again, THANK YOU and Hats off to Margaret from all of us at Pink Ribbon Puppies!!!

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