Who wants to hear from the IRS?

29 December, 2013 1 comments Leave a comment

We do! 

We did. 

And we are thrilled about it!!!

Starting about 2 months after we filed our 501(c)(3) application with the IRS in August 2013 the anticipation began.  We had been told an application could take as few as two months, and up to eight months to process, but that ours was fairly straightforward.  We have no employees.  No storefront.  No vehicles.  Just three friends working together to raise money for breast cancer research.  And yet week after week, month after month, and a government shutdown in the mix, the mailbox was empty.  Well, not really.  We got junk mail.  And calendar payments.  And more junk mail.  And mail for the previous owner.  But nothing from the IRS.  So we waited.  And waited.  And waited.

The bank account showed that our check (yes, the IRS charges nonprofits 850 smackers just to apply for tax-exempt status) was cashed on September 9, 2013.  And yet still, three months later, we hadn't heard a thing.  So we waited.  And waited. And waited some more.

And then on Christmas eve, of all days, we got a gift from the IRS....

...we were approved!!! 

The effective date of the exemption is the date of formation in the state of Texas, which was May 7, 2013.  So all donations received after that date are able to be written off 2013 tax returns!  Anyone needing a receipt for a cash or gift donation, please email us at calendar@pinkribbonpuppies.com.

And if you are still deciding which charities to support this year, our piggy bank would love your tax-deductible donation!

 Puppy dog kisses can cure a lot, but they can't cure cancer. 

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  1. Jackie January 01, 2014

    Sure is cutie pie by the piggy!